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American businessman and entrepreneur Terry LaCore earned the nickname the Texas Freedom Fighter because he always sticks up for the little guy in marketing and fights for him tooth and nail if he believes he is being bullied by the bigger boys.

Terry LaCore The Entrepreneur

He knew what he wanted to do from an early age and dropped out of formal education to train in sales and marketing. Within a short period of time he rose to be ranked 2nd out of 130,000 distributors at Strategic Telecom Sales Inc.

He has been a frontrunner in business for years and has helped many companies reach success through his training and leadership. He founded bHIP Global in in 2007 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer and he has made it into one of the leading companies in its field.

Terry LaCore Business Skills

In a recent Terry LaCore review about his business skills it stated he is admired around the world for his candor and integrity,and for his charity work. He puts a lot of time and energy into charitable causes in Dallas and around Texas and his main concerns are for medical research into serious illnesses and for homeless people and their families.

He used to be a member of the American Mortgage Protection LLC but he still holds active roles in ten companies.

Leadership Roles in:

  • bHIP Global Inc
  • Bach RX LLC
  • RipplinInc
  • LaCore Holidings Inc
  • Zaggify Inc
  • Direct Sales Software Inc
  • Touchsaver Inc
  • Globalnet Outdoors and Outfitters Inc.

He is also Manager of LaCore Retail Properties LLC and an Officer at LaCore Enterprises LLC.

Terry LaCore Outside Of Business

LaCore likes to keep himself fit by playing basketball and exercising and he lives with his wife and baby son in Melissa, Texas.

Terry LaCore blog appears regularly on Twitter and he also contributes to the bHIP blog when he has time.

Like all successful businessmen there have been rumors of a Terry LaCore scam especially about bHIP’s main product, an energy powder drink that dissolves in water but it is sold around the world and is as popular as ever.

We feel confident that the rumors that are being spread about any kind of scam are purely just that. Rumors. As you know, people are more likely to take to the internet to write a review or post a comment about someone negatively, no matter how miniscule the issue or misunderstanding may be. Rarely do people take the time to go online and write a positive review.

We are confident in our own research that we have found that the issues being reported are small and for the majority of people that have connected with Terry LaCore, are better people and business men/women because of the relationship.

We only ask that if you are doing your own research on him, that you look for all of the Terry LaCore reviews. Talk or chat with former marketers that have had a real relationship with him. You will be able to find the answers you are looking for.

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Terry LaCore Review

February 10, 2014

Terry LaCore Overview

Terry LaCore has been a the business forefront for many years. Leading companies such as Rippln and bHIP Global. Terry LaCore was the founder of bHIP Global and currently is the Co-Founder of a mobile app network marketing company called Rippln.

Both of these companies have had success in their on way through the help of Terry Lacore's leadership and training.

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